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Fulham Football Club is one of the oldest Football clubs positioned in London and was established in the year 1879 by the members of Church on Star road, West Kensington. In the year 1887, they won West London Amateur Cup. Later, the club has changed its name from Fulham St Andrews Church Sunday School Football Club to Fulham FC.

In Division 2, the first fixture of Fulham was played at home against Hull City. But, the club lost by 1-0. They shrugged off this minor setback and successfully raised themselves to the respectable 4th position. Fulham has spent three seasons in Division 3 which has made it learn a lot about contentment and self-effacing.

Fulham made a remarkable entry into a new era of football in  ยูฟ่าเบท year 1949 and all its dreams and aspirations were transforming into reality, as they attained the position Division 1. In the year 1958, Fulham respectfully attained FA Cup semi-finals.

Some of the popular name of Fulham are Graham Leggat, John Norman Haynes, Bobby Moore, Alan Mullery etc.

Graham Leggat has made inevitable 277 appearances in Fulham Football Club with 134 goals, whereas the club signed John Norman Haynes when he was a school boy. Haynes was popularly known as Mr. Fulham and The Maestro.

During mid 70s, some significant signings have been done which includes Bobby Moore and Alan Mullery. This generated some great results, such as attaining first FA Cup Final which has been played against west Ham in the year 1975.

Year 1997 could be marked as the year of financial security for Fulham, as businessman Mohammed Al-Fayed purchased this football club. In the year 2007, Roy Hodgson was appointed as the new manager of Fulham and he made some urgent signings.

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