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The Rarest Football Memorabilia

Collecting sports memorabilia remains as one of the most popular pastimes for many avid sports fans across the country. These collectors can be found within every sport, including baseball, soccer, golf and many others. However, football is one of the most common sports where you’ll find the most football memorabilia collectors among the fans. Like baseball, football enjoys a very large number of extremely rare collectibles floating around the collectible marketplace.

Throughout the year, you can find sports auctions in your local community, as well as at the larger auction houses near, or within, the cities. Surprisingly, regardless of its popularity, there are a great many items that go unnoticed among the low-priced items at many local estate sales and auctions. While, at the high-end auctions that focus on sports memorabilia, the value of these items are reaching new heights every year. Below, you can find a few examples from the auction house “Mastro Auctions” during ufabetแทงบอล ดีสุด their 2005 sales.

Mastro Auctions in April 2005


  • *Walter Payton Chicago Bears 1984-86 road jersey ($12,022)
  • *Ramon McDonald’s New York Giants 2000 NFC Champions ring ($10,330)
  • Dick Butkus Chicago Bears 1970/71 used game helmet ($11,625)
  • Set of Topps 1969 to 1972 football sets ($11,244)
  • Bowman 1952 high grade set ($11,112)
  • Joe Namath 1970’s New York Jets jersey ($10,928)
  • Topps Feltbacks, 1950 set of 125 ($12,225)
  • Green Bay Packers 1964 signed jersey ($9,311)


Making Money With Football Memorabilia

Obviously, based on the auction sales listed above, there is a tremendous potential for making profit from buying and selling football memorabilia. However, not all dealers or collectors have the level of experience and knowledge necessary to build a profitable business buying and selling football memorabilia.

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